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I am Tony Hardie, descendant of the Secwepemc (Shuswap) people, of the Central Interior of British Columbia and founder the sole owner of BC Artifacts Ltd. Presently I am presenting, collecting, studying and selling Authentic Northwestern Artifacts and Collectables. I was an adviser in the book Overstreet’s Indian Arrowheads Price Guide. for several years and I remain a good standing member in the AACA and the FVACC. I take pride in providing amazing educational presentations and facilitating connections between collectors worldwide with the opportunity to purchase and study rare, unique and authentic artifacts and collectables from my areas of study here in the Northwest.

Born in Vancouver General Hospital in 1966. Grew up in Richmond, BC with my Mom (Elma), Dad (Roy) and Sister (Susan). My parents divorced when i was the age of 10. Dad moved to Burnaby at that time. I have Collected hockey cards , stamps, Coins and foreign currency as a child. Good friend and archaeologist George Kirtzenstine lived across the street and started me collecting old bottles and then later Indian Artifacts as a teenager. This man was a very big influence on my life and I look up to him as an older brother. Lived in Richmond, BC with my mother till I was 13. Moved away and by 15 was living with my Dad and his new wife Fran Dimma in Burnaby, BC.  Moved out after a few years and lived in various locations around the Lower Mainland here including South Burnaby, New Westminster, Whonnock and ended up back in New Westminster where i ended up with Wendy Cameron and her son Adam Cameron for a little over a year and had a daughter with her, Elizabeth Cameron. Unfortunately things were not meant to be for us and I moved away. Was single a short time before meeting Melisha Lewis. I was then Married in April 1995 to Melisha and had a daughter we named Krystal Hardie. Melisha had a daughter Deanna Hollingsworth from previous relationship with David Hollingsworth. Elizabeth as well as Adam came to live with us eventually in our Delta home. We had a full house with 3 girls and 1 boy.  Lived in North Delta, BC with them and remained married for 13 years till Melisha left to pursue a life with another man. I presently live in our Delta home with the love of my life Deb Forsyth. We have recently became engaged to be married.

I have been collecting buying and selling as a hobby for many years.  I have been collecting Arrowheads, Artifacts, Old Bottles and various other Collectibles from BC and the Northwest for the last 38 years and have amassed thru purchase, inheritance and acquisition a very modest collection that can be viewed on my Website. I have a nice variety of Stone Artifacts, Baskets, Carvings and Perishables from BC. My Bottle Collection consists manly of early BC Drugstores, Pops, Beers and various old liquor and black glass bottles found in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. I also have quite an extensive collection of early pioneer Chinese Pottery and items from the Gold Rush and 1800s. As of Jan 1st 2010 I incorporated into BC ARTIFACT LTD. and have now started in 2015 the BC Artifacts Mobile Museum Tours throughout Vancouver and  lower mainland Elementary Schools.

Books Published by Tony Hardie

I continue to document Northwestern Artifact Collections  and have also recently published many Photo Collection Books on many of the past collections we have documented and then sold thru Westcoast Arrowheads & BC Artifacts Ltd.. They can be purchased thru Blurb Books. These are a good typology reference and resource to the type of material that has been collected in a specific region of the Northwest.

View/Purchase my books at Blurb Books

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